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text-only introduction to dragon age 2

Very simple, this site gives a quick rundown of the main characters, setting, and plot of the game Dragon Age 2. It later became the inspiration to a fuller, web version.

the forgotten pinwheel

Small project showing basic mastery of Flash and its functions. Warning: contains sound.

dropdown menu demo

A quick demo of one way to make a dropdown menu in Flash.

slideshow demo

A simple animation, this project demonstrates one way to make a slideshow in Flash.

rotoscope rollover

My first venture into rotoscoping, this simple animation shows how to incorporate a more complex animation into rollover/rolloff buttons.

word animation

With the premise of having to pick a word and animation it, this is the result. The word is sever, and the animation shows it being cut in half then rejoining together for a clean loop.

sunrise to sunset

A short frame-by-frame animation showing the sun and moon rising and setting.

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