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Student Project

may 11, 2014

student project: completed

As the title says, I'm done! I've got all the content ready and uploaded, and as far as I know, the site is 100% done. To see the finished project, either click the Student Project link at the top of the page or click the one below this paragraph.

The Dragon Age Project

may 4, 2014

student project: wip 09

Another small update to say that the Origins part of the site was completed Tuesday (4/29) night and that I got around to completing Dragon Age II yesterday so all I have left to do is make the DA2 plot summary from my notes and go through my screenshots to get banners and gallery pictures.

Almost done!

april 28, 2014

student project: wip 08

Just a small update to say that this past weekend I've put a lot of time into advancing my Dragon Age II file and now I'm on Act III (out of three). And I've been taking a boatload of screenshots and updating the plot pages with rough summaries as I've played the game. However, I haven't gone through the screenshots yet, so I'll probably do that once I've beaten the game.

In regards to the pages for Acts I-III: I've decided to try to break down the plot into sections since the game is only divided into three big chunks aside from the prologue and epilogue. I'm hoping this will make it a bit easier to digest, although I have been considering making sub-pages for each act so that there's not just huge sections to wade through, but small chunks instead.

Edit: Went through all the screenshots I've taken thus far and picked out the ones I think I'll use for the plot pages. I've added these screenshots to the gallery, although some will be weeded out as I go through them again.

april 19, 2014

student project: wip 07

There's been quite a bit of updates to the project since I last posted about it. Since the last progress update I have:

  • finished Dragon Age: Origins
  • gotten all the content and screenshots for the Origins half of the site
  • fully updated the gallery with all the used screenshots
  • updated the remaining character pages with character photos
  • fully updated the plot summaries with text and screenshots (although I still need to polish up most of them)
  • started Dragon Age II
  • started collecting screenshots for DA2
  • updated DA2's Prologue and Act I pages with more content and screenshots
  • updated character pages with currently collected photos
  • tweaked the mobile version styles

I expect to finish up the DAO half, finish DA2, and then flesh out the DA2 half in the coming 2-3 weeks.

april 10, 2014

student project: wip 06

Updated the Origins gallery to reflect how far I am in the game (slowly but surely I'm catching up to my rough summaries, which are over 3/4 through the game) and I also added the missing plot images up to where I've played.

I've also got a working mobile version of the site up for each section. I'll have to tinker with getting the menu button to show instead of a tiny part of the banner, though. The mobile menu is now fixed and the whole header is a click zone for easy access.

(Mobile menu courtesy of Slidebars.)

april 8, 2014

group: instructional activity

For our in-class instructional activity, we of The Box Designs decided to do something on making hamburger menus for mobile sites. Click the link below to visit the tutorial.

Tutorial for Making Hamburger Menus

april 6, 2014

student project: wip 05

Between last night and tonight, I've added a fair bit of content; character bios for all of the characters have been added, and I've added some more rough plot summaries for Origins as well. Those summaries, along with the two full summaries I have, cover over half the game.

The Dragon Age II section of the site is also basically complete, with the exception of the last of the races added, a gallery, fleshed out plot summaries, and banners. All character bios from both games also need images of the characters.

april 4, 2014

student project: wip 04

Finished adding more content to the plot section (caught up to where I am in the game, even if the information's just a rough summary), and got around to applying templates to and uploading the character pages, although they're still blank. Updated the gallery with a few pictures, and also got the banners working on nested pages as well. However, I've got to find a way to successfully call the banner function from an external javascript file; having the full code on each page definitely isn't an ideal solution.

Also updated the DA2 section with a bare-bones version of the plot and character sections

april 2, 2014

student project: wip 03

Added a fancier nav bar to each site section corresponding to their color scheme (blue for Origins, red for DA2), and I've also added color, if that's not apparent. Also got a random image script to work, although the image breaks when getting to nested pages such as those in the plot and character sections. I'll have to fix that.

I also added a simple background to the Origins section, and plan to do the same to the DA2 section until I decide if I want to just stick with the logos or do something more complex. I've also completed writing out the prologue plot section in Origins and started on the next one, although it's more time consuming than I thought it'd be. I might have to cut down on the details.

Also, to see the most current version of the site, just click the Student Project link at the top of the page.

april 1, 2014

student project: mood board

I actually did this over the weekend but I waited a couple days to post it, and I occasionally tweaked it during that time. I haven't implemented the color schemes at all yet, however, and I'm still thinking about possible backgrounds for each site section. I've also nearly completed the brief/IA. Just have to work on a couple more questions, make it pretty, and then combine everything into a pdf.

march 30

student project: wip 02

Tweaked things a bit more. Got a basic portal page up and running now, and Origins' main pages (ie. the pages linked to from the nav bar) all have at least a bit of content in them. I've created all the plot pages as well as made sure the randomized banner at the top is still random even on nested pages. (I felt so dumb once I finally solved the issue and realized I'd had the right idea from the start, but that I'd just went about it the wrong way.)

preview of the portal page preview of the dragon age: origins home page

I'm also slowly filling out more of the brief/IA. I've had the site map done since I initially proposed my project idea, and I've made a few wireframes. Got part of a moodboard put together as well. I'm hoping that by the time the due date for the brief/IA rolls around I'll have the whole thing finished. Although at this rate I'll probably have the whole site done before the brief.

march 29, 2014

student project: wip 01

Got bored earlier and decided to start coding the rough layout of the site. I haven't put any colors in yet (other than shades of gray to distinguish certain areas) and the images I do have are just filler images to make sure the random banner's actually random and that the gallery is working properly.

I've only really been working on one half of the site to get the basic structure and styles down, because the other half'll have similar, if not identical, underlying structure. Most of the content and pages haven't been added or made, yet; the only pages currently made are the ones shown in the nav links.

rough preview of my student project

I'm sure there'll be lots of tweaks and adjustments after I get set color and font pallettes down.

march 25, 2014

student project: idea

For my student project, I decided to make a fansite for one of my favorite video game series, Dragon Age. It will consist of two main “sections” for the two main games of the series: Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. Each section will have information on important characters, locations, and the game's setting, a gallery showing in-game screencaps, and also feature a slightly different color scheme depending on the game. For example, DAO's color scheme will have a lot more grey in it than DA2's will due to the central theme of the Grey Wardens in DAO.

march 25, 2014

group: rough comp

After reading the comments Dominique wrote after the client briefs, I decided to model my comp after her preferred wireframe.

rough comp preview

march 18, 2014

group: creative investigation

For this investigation, I chose to do grids/layouts, textures/backgrounds, and finding sample screenshots that had elements or themes. Below are the samples I've chosen.


grid thumbnail grid thumbnail


pattern thumbnail pattern thumbnail pattern thumbnail pattern thumbnail pattern thumbnail pattern thumbnail pattern thumbnail pattern thumbnail


screenshot of gantry's home page screenshot of onehub's home page screenshot of chamadigital's home page

february 24, 2014

group: wireframes

The group decided that each of us should try to come up with some wireframe examples to show the client to give her more to choose from. The following are the wireframes I came up with:

  • wireframe 01 (home page / sample page) - my idea for this was thinking of stacked folders and each “folder” being a different type of content, like the banner, navigation, page content, and footer.
  • wireframe 02 - my idea for this one was a one of those log post signs, where the different signs are connected by rope pieces, or something that was normally one thing but when you pulled on the ends you could separate it into different pieces
  • wireframe 03 - for this one I was pretty much aiming for something that would load quickly for mobile users (because I know I hate to be trying to load a page on my phone and it takes forever); it would feature the most relevant links to the mobile user but also include the option to view the non-mobile version of the site

january 27, 2014

group: questions + inspiration

For this week my group members and I tasked each other to try to come up with about seven questions for the client survey, as well finding a site that inspires us in terms of design.

    Client Survey Questions:
  1. Describe what you want your audience to think and feel when viewing the site.
  2. Are there any particular colors, graphics, or any sort of visuals that you don't want on the site? If so, what are they?
  3. Do you envision that many of your users will connect to your site using their mobile phones and/or tablet devices? How important is mobile optimization for your site? Would the content of a mobile site differ from the content of a regular desktop site?
  4. If a website visitor had only 10 seconds to spend on your site, what do you hope they would come away with?
  5. What “actions” would a typical user to your site take? What is the primary action that you would like the user to take? (e.g. read information, make contact, make a purchase, etc.)
  6. Do you have a particular platform, browser, screen size, and/or modem speed that you wish to target?
  7. How do you expect most people will find out about your website?

So this is the website I chose to highlight as something that inspires me. I actually got a list of great website designs from Google and that's how I find out about this website. The website just really leapt out at me when I first saw it—it would most probably the bright, saturated pink against all the white and greys, as well as the product name, “snog”. I just really like the simple design; the text is spaced nicely and doesn't require squinting at my screen (for the most part), and the bright pink just really leads my eye on what to focus on and where to look at. The website just has an overall clean and simple look to it, and I like that.

january 20, 2014

teamwork questions

What does it take to work successfully as a team? What makes an effective team member? What are some ideas for tools, techniques, or strategies that can facilitate collaboration and effective project management?

Q1. I think for a team to work successfully there has to be good communication between its members. Positive chemistry is also preferable, but without good communication, you can’t really do anything. You won’t know who is supposed to, or is, doing what, and the group could potentially fall apart.

Q2. I think an effective team member is someone who can finish their tasks and what’s expected of them, as well as let the other group members know if s/he is having trouble with anything.

Q3. I have no idea.