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shokunin guild site

Core Language: PHP

Website made for my Guild Wars 2 guild. Uses a Wordpress template from which I created a child theme from. I created and populated all but the Events page.

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wordpress proficiency site

Core Language: PHP

This is a demo site to show that I know my way around Wordpress, both front- and back-end. This site features a custom childtheme I made based on the Twenty Fourteen default. Child theme customizations include theme colors and font choices.

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mobile-first example site

Core Language: PHP

This simple site was created with the intention of being 100% responsive from the get-go. CSS styles geared toward mobile devices were created first with larger resolutions coming into play later.

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web 3 class blog

Core Language: HTML with JavaScript

For the class each student had to create and maintain a simple blog-like page that held all of our project updates and homework files. This is the final version of the one I created.

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dragon age fan site

Core Language: HTML with JavaScript

Student choice project intended to give users who haven’t played the first or second games in the series a complete overview of the storyline, characters, locations, and races of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2.

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php example site

Core Language: PHP

This beginner PHP project was completed over the course of a few weeks, starting with basic exercises and finishing with a complete styles revamp from the original sample site provided.

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mass effect fan site

Core Language: HTML

Fan site for the Mass Effect series covering the first two games. The site goal was to demonstrate basic knowledge of HTML and CSS learned up until that point.

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